What is Tagalog Quotes?

Happy, in love, surprise, blessed, sad, angry, scared etc. no matter what your emotions or moods are, Filipinos will always have a quotes and sayings corresponds to that. It may be in a form of love quotes, inspirational life quotes, funny quotes, jokes or memes, patama or pick-up lines, or even what the millenials calls it and is tranding nowaday, hugot quotes.

These Tagalog Quotes is a very popular way of the Filipinos to share and express their feelings and thoughts about something (a particular topics or issues in our society or even in their personal lives) or to someone (whom they admired or have a crush on, have feud on etc.) without having to actually saying it in words. Usually, you can see it published in status in Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and other social media platforms.

So, if you’re looking for a quotes to hold on to when you’re broken-hearted or lonely, to give you encouragements in coping with your problems in life, to help you confess your feelings to someone, or to make you smile or laugh out loud, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here in tagalogquote.com, we’ll give you the best collections of quotes that fits into your every mood. Also, please don’t forget to share, who knows maybe someone out there is in the same situation you are in and these quotes might actually help them as well. Enjoy reading!

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