Tagalog Love Quotes Collection

Did you just got dump and become broken-hearted? Are you in love or in desperate need of love? Are you courting or having a crush on someone? Are you a hopeless romantics and looking for some romance? Well, if you are one we’re describing above, you just got lucky because it just happens that we have the solution you need for that. Take time to read some of these love quotes, I mean who knows maybe the answer you were looking for your love problems was right in there all these time. And simple reading can’t hurt you, right?

Us Filipinos we’re known for being too sensitive and emotional most of the time. We always take matters seriously when it comes to some things particularly when we talk about love. For example, we feel varies of emotions like sad when we just got dump by our bf’s/gf’s, we always stress eating or do a make-over transformation to move on for instance; or happy when we’d finally get an answered to someone we’re courting or someone we proposed to marry with, we always party and or whatever any other couples do to celebrate those occasions; and/or any other emotions and feelings, the list just goes on and on. While on the other hand, in some other cases, instead of showing and exposing all of our feelings through an actions, we try to express it by putting them into words. Thus, making way the idea of forming these love quotes. Blah blah blah, You know what, enough with chit-chat and just read these quotes and hopefully you find the best answer to your little romance problem. Godbless!

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